Wound Dressing Reference List

Hi everyone, 

Now I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE wounds!! I don't think there is an aspect of wound management which I don't enjoy, apart from feeling empathy for the patient who has the wound, especially a chronic wound!  

As nurses, we are on the forefront of wound management, which means that we have a big impact on pain management relating to the wound, the length of time for healing and ensuring the patient is comfortable.  So we need to know our stuff!

I know it can be confusing with all the different wound products around and then even more so when different hospitals supplying different products which are doing similar things.  

Because of this I have developed a cheat sheet (which you can find here).  This has been developed with the wound products within my ward in mind, which are mainly supplied by Smith & Nephew and Convatec.  It goes through (in alphabetical order) the dressings which we commonly use on the ward and what they should be used for and duration.  Following that I have done a more brief overview on the different types of dressings, brand names within these types, and their advantages and disadvantages of use.  

For my ward, I will be doing these up as posters so they will be easier to see, read, and hopefully use! What I have attached here is all the information I will be using on these posters in a word document.  

I think this prototype can be used within most wards and can be adapted to the different wound products available on the specific wards.  

Also of note are the Convatec and Smith & Nephew website, great resources!  Both of them you can either search with a specific dressing in mind, or you can look at a specific wound such as an venous ulcer and they describe the wound management with that wound in mind.  If you want to check them out the link for the Convatec website is here and the Smith & Nephew website can be found here.  

Heres a little sneak peak of my cheat sheet

If you want to see more you can find the complete resource here

Thanks everyone, I hope you find it helpful!