Welcome and Time Management Skills

Hi everyone and welcome to the first post for Better Nursing with Sally Moyle.  

I'm very excited to launch this page and I hope you find the information which I make available useful.  

I welcome any comments, thoughts and questions on the content presented or any ideas for future posts.  

Today I wanted to discuss something which is of vital importance to nursing.  Time management skills.  

As a nurse effective time management is vital to providing efficient and effective nursing care.  Time management plans can help with making a plan for the day which allows you to monitor your patient care interventions and also update these if needed.  They can be beneficial not only in monitoring your time management but also as a resource when handing a patient over to the next shift, discussing patients with their health care team, and also in the case of a deteriorating patient.  

Every nurse will use their time planners differently and include different information on them.  Some will use them as a 'check off' list and others will put all information regarding patient care on them such as vital signs, types of medications administered etc.  

I have attached a template of a time planner and also an example and instructions on it's use.  I would love to hear from anyone else with ideas, examples of their time planners, and other things which could be beneficial to be included on the planners.

Time Planner Template Here

Time Planner Example Here

Another great time planning template and reference can be found here


And remember, a happy nurse is a nurse who knows exactly what is going on with their patients... and this is made easier with a time planner!