Clinical Handover

Hi everyone, 

A big part of a nurses shift is talking to patients.... and talking about patients, and this can be something which can be done really well or poorly at different times in different situations.  

When communication fails during clinical handover it can have massive consequences as demonstrated in this case study here.  This highlights the need for effective and consistent communication regarding patients conditions.  

As mentioned in the above case study, ISOBAR can be used as a framework for clinical handover.  I have attached a ISOBAR form which can be used when communicating a patients condition over the phone to a medical officer.  You can find the form here if you like what you see in the sneak peak I've provided below.

This form is fantastic in the fact that it is set out in the way which you would speak to the Doctor.  Therefore this is ensuring that the communication is consistent in this situation.  It is also great for the nurse as a prompt for what information you want and need to communicate in a logical and clear sequence.  

Have you used any other frameworks for communication which you have found useful? What do you think of ISOBAR?