Cancer - Cure or Control?

Hi guys, 

I was watching the ABC news last week and came across this interesting story 'Cancer could become a manageable condition thanks to Australian breakthrough'.

Its a pretty great story (and only goes for about 5 minutes).  If your not keen to watch the video I'm going to break it down here so for those of you who want to watch it... spoiler alert below!


So Professor Graham Kelly was diagnosed with prostate cancer and given a 3 year prognosis.  He and his team developed a drug which he also began taking.  Now, 6 years down the track, he is healthy and alive despite his prognosis.  He believes we should look at cancer not as a condition we can cure, but as a chronic disease instead which we can treat.  

This drug he developed (CS-6) works by targeting stem cells that produce cancerous tumours, and then if all these cells respond to the drug, the cancer is basically wiped out.  

It's looking promising in treatment of ovarian and brain cancers, but now it's next step is clinical trials, and these clinical trials will most likely be in people with brain tumours that are aggressive, such as Glioblastoma multiform (GBM).

In last year alone, roughly 1800 people were diagnosed with brain cancers.  These can be often aggressive and recurrent, therefore most likely meaning the individual will have a poor prognosis.  Treatment for these cancers often involves surgery in conjunction with radiotherapy and chemotherapy.  

CS-6 has been found to be effective against most cancers, but more so in brain cancer.  The video discusses this treatment with a young man who is suffering from GBM and his family.  

The next step for CS-6 is to wait for clinical trials, which hopefully will be occurring in Liverpool Hospital in Sydney in the next 12 months.  There has not been many major advances made in brain cancers, therefore if this drug works it will totally change patient outcomes.  


A great story with hopefully some positive outcomes in their clinical trials coming up.