FREE Palliative care CPD short course

Hey guys, 

We all love some quality CPD (Continuing Professional Development), and I've got a great one here for you thats also FREE!

It's with the Centre for Palliative Care which is based through St Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne in collaboration with the University of Melbourne.  It takes roughly 2-3 hours to complete and is all online.  On completion you will receive a Certificate of Achievement.   

I've provided a link for the course here.

This centre not only has a fantastic online learning course, but the website is full of great resources including an Opioid Conversion Ratio Chart.  

As well as being on the forefront of research, the Centre for Palliative care is committed to educating health professionals to improve and further their skills and knowledge in palliative care, therefore their website is full of great research projects, resources for health care professionals and educational opportunities.  

Check it out!