Sitting Ducks for Heart Disease

Hi guys,

How much moving around do you do in a day?  I know as a nurse, that it can be a lot!! Just the other day at work with my new Gamin watch (yes I'm very excited!) counting my steps I watched my step count go up to 15,000 steps!!  And that was just during work!!  But what about if you work in an office?  How much moving are you doing during your day?  A survey done by the Australian Heart Foundation found that most office workers once they sit down at work, don't move much at all.  In fact, of the 1,100 workers surveyed, over a quarter said they didn't exercise at all and half said they didn't exercise enough to be considered healthy.  The ABC has done a report on this if you want to check it out here.  

We all know that we should take the stairs instead of the lift, get off the tram a stop earlier then we need to (or join the growing number of people cycling to work), that we should walk to someone's desk instead of emailing them, so why aren't we doing these things?  Yes it takes time, but by not doing them are you potentially losing time by shortening your life?  Have we turned into a lazy generation who is time hungry?  

Australia's leading killer is heart disease.  If you are overweight at the age of 20 you are looking at 1 year less life expectancy then those in the healthy weight range with this number jumping to 4 years shorter life expectance in individuals who are obese.  Not only that but the rate of heart disease DOUBLES for those who are inactive compared to those who are active.  The statistics are scary.  You can see the full Australia Heart Foundation statistics herebut I've put a few here for you to wrap your minds around:

  • 58% of Aussies aren't exercising enough or at all
  • Only 30% of Aussie kids meet the physical activity reccomendations 
  • only 19% of adults meet the targeted 10,000 steps per day (I'm guessing most of these people are nurses lol)

So we all need to get on board with this and start looking at our own lifestyles and from there look at our patients.  Check out the Heart Foundations website, it has some great info on it, and I have the direct link for their active living page here.  At the end of the day, no-one wants to become a statistic, and with a few small changes to your day to day life you can decrease the odds of this happening, so bring on the changes towards a healthier lifestyle!!