It's Mens Health Week!!

Hi everyone,

Its Men's Health Week this week!!  So lets raise some awareness:) I know that some of you are asking 'why men's health? Why not women's health?'  Well the scary thing is, just being born male means you have a lower life expectancy then a female.  This is something which everyone just seems to accept, but why! And this is not just a few months difference, its 4 years! And you can do a lot in 4 years.  For example, you can become a nurse and finish your grad year in that time:)

So what is killing men earlier then women?  Well the answer is basically everything! 

This table is courtesy of 

This table is courtesy of 

One of the scary things in this table is the suicide section.  On average 5 men take their lives each day, 4 times the rate of females.  What a crazy statistic!   

So lets get Men's Health out there.  Have a chat with the men in your life, when was the last time they had a check up at the GP? If they have any chronic conditions like hypertension, is this well controlled? The Men's Health Week website is a great resource which you can find here

On another note, I've recently written another article with Ausmed on red meat and its relationship with colorectal cancer (and thought why not give it a plug on here as well!), so if you're interested, check it out here :) 

Hope your all having a great week!