The struggles of nursing

Hi guys,

Nursing, like most professions has its ups and downs.  One day you might love going to work, and the next day all you want to do is get out of the ward.  Why is that?  Do we just get over it?  Do we just not care for that day? 

I think it’s a mixture.  Like everything, sometimes you just need a break.  But sometimes it can be more then that.  How do you know if you are burning out?

Anyway, I wanted to make this post about what I find are the struggles of nursing and if anyone feels the same as I do.

Generally, I love nursing.  I love the patient contact, I love the team work (and my team is awesome!!) and I love the tasks that I do as part of nursing.  So why then do I struggle with my job as a nurse at times? 

Sometimes I think as a nurse, I give my all to my patients, and what I have left is used up pretty quickly by just general day to day life things.  I think that when this happens, this is the time when I momentarily lose my passion for nursing.  Not only that, but I feel my empathy starts to drop down as well and when that happens I know I need to do something. 

Sometimes I might just have to do something for me, this could be anything like a massage, a bit of shopping, or some trashy TV (even when I don’t feel ran down, trashy TV is always good!).  Sometimes I just have to push through and know that although I feel like this now, this too shall pass.  And it is crap.  No one likes to feel like this, and no one likes to think they aren’t doing their job as well as how they usually do. 

Another struggle I find with nursing are those busy busy shifts.  Those shift where care gets neglected.  And it’s not your fault, its no ones fault, it is just sh*t happens.  And you feel like crap when you are handing over to the next shift because things that you should of got done you didn’t and you know that their shift is going to be crap as well.  Then you feel bad when you get home because you feel like you neglected your patients and that you could of done better.  It’s just generally sh*t overall. 

But you can’t fix that, you can’t get more staffing to help you, you can’t change your patient allocation to an easier allocation.  So if we can’t change it, why do we let it eat us up so much?

I know what we do.  It’s because we are nurses and we care.  Even though we can’t change things, we care about our patients and we want them to have the best care possible and when we can’t give this, we feel like crap.

So even with the struggles of nursing (and I’ve only touched on 2 here) we still need to remember we are awesome, struggles are crap but we get through them, and there will always be more of them but we’ll make it through.