The joys of nursing


Hi guys,

I thought since I had just done a post on the struggles of a nurse, I would follow it up with why nursing is awesome!  And why we keep doing it despite the struggles. 

Now I don’t know about the rest of you, but my ward is awesome!  For me they make work fun.  They are supportive, and we all work really well together.  It makes it a fantastic place to work.  This just isn’t only the nurses, this is everyone, the PSAs, the orderlies, the allied health team, the doctors, and even the kitchen staff who you might only see once a day.  How awesome is nursing when you are surrounded by awesome peopleJ

Another joy of the job for me (and this can sometimes be a struggle as well) is patient contact.  I like being able to chat to patients about their life and their stories.  That human connection you can have is amazing and some patients end up being more then patients, they end up being your friends. 

And you are meeting people from every imaginable background and circumstance.  You realize how diverse life is and it really broadens your mind.  I don’t think any other profession has the potential to really open up your mind like nursing does. 

Another bonus of the job (for me anyway) is wounds.  I love wounds!! And what other profession can you get into some juicy wounds, and believe me, I have seen some juicy ones!!  And it’s not even all about looking at them, its also about seeing them heal up and knowing that your wound care has helped do that.  One of the horrible things though in regards to wounds is knowing how awful that person must feel, as well as seeing the ones that don’t heal, the ones that patients will have for a long, long time.

And one last joy of nursing…. The privilege of helping people when they are at their lowest.  Of knowing that your presence and care is making a difference.  And then seeing those people at their lowest gradually building up and then leaving your care and seeing that appreciation in their eyes.  To me that’s what nursing is all about.