I'm back!!

Hi everyone,

I'm really sorry that I haven't put out a new post in a while, but just letting you know that I'm back and blogging!!

So the reason for my disappearance isn't any one thing in particular but basically comes down to my time management, and my lack of time (excuses, excuses, I know).  

You may have seen my name on a few Ausmed articles, my latest one on post-operative complications you can find here, which is where I have been doing also of my writing.  

You might have also seen my name on some of the ANMF online tutorials, which are a great way of getting your CPD up!! Go to the ANMF website and check them out:)  And speaking of the ANMF, if you are a Victorian member, don't forget that you get $400 worth of credit for their online education every year!!

So expect to see more of me again, I'm sorry for being a slacker in the betternursing world recently, and if there's anything you want me to put into the blog, let me know!!