From being a student nurse... to being a grad nurse

Hi everyone,

It's something that all nurses can relate to, and something that we would all remember to some degree....our first year of nursing.  I think that first year of my nursing career is one of the most memorable years of nursing!!  I remember more from that year then I do from last year!  Crazy isn't it.

And it's something that everyone will look back on with different feelings.  I was extremely lucky to have a very supportive educator and hospital that I did my grad year in, and I have a lot of fond memories.  And that's not saying that I didn't make mistakes, I did make mistakes, but they were all a learning experience and I was guided through them.  

I've heard of other nurses tell different stories of being bullied, intimidated, and all those things that make a workplace not a happy place to be in for anyone, especially if you are a grad and new on the job.  

Check out my latest article on Ausmed on the transition from student to registered nurse and let me know what you think.  You can find the link to the article here:)