Being a nurse and a mum..

Hi everyone,

Recently I have been blessed enough to become a mum for the first time to a beautiful little girl:) And after the chaos of those first few weeks when I literally had no idea on what I was doing and how to look after a baby, now I'm realising how my career as a nurse has influenced what I do as a mum.  

The first thing that made me pick up on the fact that my nursing was a big influence in my life at the moment is my time management.  Now I'm not saying that other mums who aren't nurses aren't like this, but I think nurses might take it to the next level.  Bub goes down, I look at the monitor and think 'she isn't staying down but I have about 5 minutes before she starts crying...' Then I think what can I do in that 5 minutes... 'just because it's only 10am doesn't mean that I can't chop a few veggies for's not like I'm going to wake her up anyway!'  I did think this was a bit unusual when my husband was working from home and came out and asked why was I making lunch so early and his look when I said I was making dinner...

And all of my experience and training did not prepare me for having a baby at home, and how do I look after this little person.  But it did prepare me for being about to go with the flow, and realise that although routine is wonderful, sometimes something happens (like a massive poo just as she is about to go to sleep that that makes you realise she isn't going to sleep after that) and when something happens, you just have to roll with it.  Which is exactly what we do as nurses.  We have all had that shift where everything is going smashingly, then one of your patients codes, and suddenly before you know it, you are handing over to the next shift and behind in everything!  

And speaking of poo, nursing definitely prepared me for the influx of poo from such a little girl!  But it did take me a few nappy changes not to feel weird about not gloving up when I come into contact with bodily fluids that aren't my own.  This feeling definitely left me after she did a massive poo projection all over me and you think, thank god she is a part of me otherwise it would be horrific!  

I think nursing didn't prepare me at all for having a baby in the early days... but now 8 weeks on, I can feel some of those skills influencing my care of my little bub.... and who knows, maybe we have another little future nurse in our mists:)